Harold Pinter

Date of the opening:

21 November 2000

“…The play simply states: two men come to take away a third and they do so. Will the audience understand what this implies or not? Heck knows. I think the audience can react in three ways. A.) Why didn’t they let that man be? B.) Serves that fool right, he deserved it. C.) This whole thing is bullshit. There is of course a D.) How wonderful, too bad I don’t understand any of it! To which I reply: “reason” begins with the text and the plot, continues in the mind of the audience and doesn’t end anywhere. Reason, meaning can never be final, closed off. If it is decidable, if it sits there all prepped up, labeled, ready to be exported, it is worthless dead weight: it loses all semblance of reason and meaning it had once and for all.”

Harold Pinter: Letter to Peter Wood – 30th March, 1958


Directed by: Béres László