Petőfi Sándor

Date of the opening:

17 August 2001

Dear Laci!


You’ve been asking my old plan is doing regarding The hammer of the county. I hastily let you know that it is doing about as good as the good Cantor with the chaste Erzsók: I want it as well as not, I would dare it if I would dare it. Not like it wouldn’t be my dearest wish for Figura to stage The hammer of the county, in other words to stage it below the open sky in the Lázár castle filled with various kinds of weeds and nettle. Not in the least: I wish for this the same way I did two years ago. But not that we didn’t get richer, since any one of these days we’ll have beg at the door of the church’s mouse. I will mount all of my rural actorial and directorial prestige to bow my knees and unkempt head before national and international potentates. When I got home from my futile money-making path: I still managed to get at least something out of them, if nothing else, at least a promise, even our good old bus breaks down. What luck that Szárhegy is but 5 kms away from Gyergyó: if nothing else, the actors will walk the distance. Come whatever may, I say lets do it. We have a few young actors and we can bring some from the college too if need be, with one condition: each and every one of them has to be former Figura actors, for we have given enough actors to all the colleges all around, that we can also reap some of the fruits of our labor even if it still is a bit green. And you work you actors over something fierce! And about the thing you vaguely implied in your letter that I myself should join to be a summer actor, you know what? I wouldn’t mind. With comradely hug: Tibor.


P.s.: I can see I have become like Petőfi, that if he writes a letter, he either complains about poverty or tries to borrow money.


Musicians: Bartalis Botond, Bartis Zoltán, Kémenes László
Dramaturgy: Tompa Andrea
Choreographer: András Lóránt
Director`s assistant: Veress Zsóka
Composer: Horváth Károly
Set and costume design: Lokodi Ildikó

Directed by: Béres László


  • Colloquium of Ethnic Minority Theatres from Romania, 4th edition: audition prize for the play Hammer of the County (Gheorgheni, 2001)