Roland Schimmelpfennig

Date of the opening:

11 May 2014


Studio performance in the main hall

The urpremiere of Schimmelpfennig’s production was in 2001 in Stuttgart, following which it was staged in various other cities. The play is at once a challenge to director and actor, since the contemporary text demands a specific theatrical language. The arabian night is a plot of unrequited dreams, the random meeting of five characters in a many storied apartment building’s magical space. On the corridor of the seventh floor in 15 to right and 16 to the left same apartments people live out their lives in a nameless, faceless fashion. On this corridor, apartment 7-32 will be the magical place from where the cast’s desires, dreams set out on a journey that brings a certain kind of unavoidable fate for all of them.


Set and costume design: Bocskai Gyopár

Directed by: Albu István