Date of the opening:

16 March 2002

Of the Orpheum…


A couple of tables sit at the walls with stooges who surround rich, big spending stars of the locality.

A bit more in the interior the plebs, the multitude of party goers.

At each table some champagne or expensive wine, a few firewater drinking people, members of the nightlife intelligentsia…

At each table, women as much as men. The man’s head, if he had enough drink is already on the bosom of the ladies, his hands only god knows where. Her majesty sings or laughs, or babbles not rarely in a creative and humorous way, but her theme of course would be banned from the daytime crowds.

When the clock has long struck midnight some even from her majesty’s crowd has gotten drunk. Light dances on broken through shoulders and stockings, singing, music, shouting from all sides. Some crowds retreated to the separate rooms where the clothes do fall off or they don’t and no amount of police decrees can stop what is bound to happen in separate rooms…


The Corrupt Budapest (1908)


An era is given. An era that fully embraces the love of life.

This is not our era. Or at least it is ours, just a bit.

There remains an attire, a few shabby things, pallid pictures and a lot of songs: chansons, couplets, art songs, dance songs the lyrics and rhythms of which are as timely as they ever were.

As they ever were. Because an era is given. An era long gone, the atmosphere and memory of which is a shelter from the problems of our new century.

But it is authentic as such. Simple. Hard to forget.

This production desires nothing else, but a few songs from that era, so that even for a short while we can be carefree and happy.

Yes…like once upon a time!


Kilián Kolozsi and Árpád Barabás


Musicians: Bereczky Botond , Kémenes László, Molnár Cs. Antal, Zöld Albert
Dramaturgy: Tompa Andrea
Professional consultants: András Lóránt