Date of the opening:

14 March 2003

“Bohemian artworld, the diva waters the flowers of decay on the side of the slope, easygoing, lovable, frivolous lady with a playful, childlike smile, a stylistic parody of many-a ferocious men, lesbian attraction, suicide, murder. This is the story in a nutshell of the play based on Wedekind’s Pandora’s Seal. Lóránt András plays with the Hollywoodian content: he puts it all into film. The chansons that are reminiscent of the last century and are meant to substitute dialogue create the atmosphere of a silent film: between each act – as if they were each a footnote – Wedekind’s narrative frame is projected on a canvas… Lulu is a varied, complexly structured play that over and over again submits the dramatic tone of the play… The one and a half hour long staging based on a collaged musical scape the experience works the audience over in each stimulus field from visual through dance and melody and does all this fully knowing and acknowledging the experimental theatre traditions of Figura…”

Edit Gergely – Krónika, March 29-30th 2003


Martha von Geschwitz

Dr. Schönig/Costi Piani

Schwartz/Rodrigo Quest

Alwa Schöning

Dr. Goll/Schigolz

Costume designer: Ambrus Amaryll
Set designer: András Lóránt
Choreographer: András Lóránt

Directed by: András Lóránt