Wilhelm Hauff

Date of the opening:

1 October 2003

The Grand Vizier arrives on a flying carpet outfitted with a motor and landing with a loud, uncertainty for the Caliph Stork takes place in the East where technology is not yet all that – they do have techno music though. Colorful, fast paced, exciting play with a lot of laughs: naturally good triumphs over evil and the two evil viziers fall victim to their own deceiving tools. 


Hassid, caliph of Baghdad

Selim, his servant

Balthasar, a merchant (Bizarre Bazar)

Grand Vizier, the magician

Luza, the owl

Choreographer: Bajkó László, Polgár Emília
Costume designer: Tamás Boglár
Barabás Árpád

Directed by: Kolozsi Kilián