Date of the opening:

14 May 2004

Scapin’s deceits have to be taken seriously! This is the only way to truly enjoy them. The play’s savagery is astounding. Traditionally it is regarded as a simple, easy comedy. This time though not this view is the dominant one. It and the comedy of it is fueled by the undulation of human relationships and passions, but without the whole affair being easy, light and petulant. At the end even Scapin himself dies – or is he faking it? Nobody knows. So let him die then, and let us rejoice! No other comedy features death – even if it is faked – as the plot’s solution. What a strange idea!


Octave, Argante’s son

Jácint, Geronte’s daughter

Zerbinette, Argante’s daughter

Leander, Geronte’s son


Fishseller girl

Dramaturgy: Sebestyén Rita Júlia
Coreographer: Liviu Matei
Set and costume design: Cristian Gătina

Directed by: Béres László