Date of the opening:

22 September 2004

The Wedding by Figura Studio Theater takes place at distant train station in Siberia. Into this cold environment are introduced the characters Chekhov’s single scene drama. The motive: a marriage that will be the touchstone of the characters’ relations to one another.


This is the second staging of the same single scene drama by Florin Vidamski. Last year it was brought to the stage with the help of students from Sepsiszentgyörgy at a theatrical workshop and based on it’s success this second iteration was brought to life.


The play promises one and a half hours of pure entertainment, a kind of game that both of it’s difficulty and beauty constitutes in twelve actors creating that theatrical spark all at the same time.


Nasztaszja Tyimofejevna Zsigalova, the mother of the bride

Dásenyka Zsigalova, the bride

Natasa Zsigalova, the older sister of the bride

Epaminond Makszimovics Aplombov, the groom

Andrej Andrejics Nyunyin, insurance agent

Anna Martinovna Zmejukina, diva

Ivan Mihajlovics Jaty, seaman

Haralampij Szpiridonics Dimba, wealthy Greek man

Szerafimovna Mozgovoja, telegraph lady

Fjodor Jakovlevics Revunov, general

Vera, waitress

Vika, waitress

Dramaturgy: Czegő Csongor, Florin Vidamski
Composer: Apostolache Kiss Zénó
Set and costume design: Florin Vidamski
Choreographer: Fatma Mohamed
Director`s assistant: Szabó Tibor András

Directed by: Florin Vidamski