Ion Luca Caragiale

Date of the opening:

24 January 2016

Running time:

2h 00′


Main stage

The humor on display in Caragiale’s almost 140 years old comedy seems to this day fresh. The drama building on the cultural and lingvistic diversity of the 19th century Bucharest’s social circles is presented in Csaba Székely’s full-blooded comic translation at Figura. 

The unveiling of human ignorance can breed wonderful comedy. Who can be satirized and how far? What are shifty love struck women capable of? Who is the good patriot? Who and how far is one graded if they are loved for their political alliances? 

A Stormy Night details the events of a night in which loves secret and forbidden take centre stage. Almost everyone is suddenly dropped into total chaos since there is a given love triangle in the house which demands cunning games. Add to that a house number that first becomes the question of life and death and later the key to the solution and the results of this night haunted by various schemes become satisfaction, happiness and the fact that a cuckolded police husband becomes lovable exactly due to his ignorance. In the joy of the big reconciliation a new political star seems to be born: an enthusiastic young magistrate filled with ideals can be the only one who truly knows what the people want. This is what the characters of the play think, but during all that is happening to what extent do these events surface ironic questions in the viewer? 

These are maybe disjointed questions, but at the end of this truly harrowing night everything is made clear by the truly sublime answers given.


Nae Ipingescu

Rică Venturiano

Veta, beloved wife of Mr. Dumitrache

Zița, Veta's sister

Hungarian translation: Székely Csaba
Set designer: Tenkei Tibor
Costume designer: Bocskai Gyopár

Directed by: Albu István