Georges Feydeau

Date of the opening:

4 December 2005

Georges Feydeau, the world renown comedy writer pushes the chain of misunderstandings and miscommunications to their absolute limits. The title of Cat in the hat alone can tell a lot in an abstract way implying something with a hidden goal or agenda. The cat in the hat in this instance is a certain young man by the name of Dufausset who despite all his good will ruins the life of the diabetic sugar factory owner Paracel, all the while every woman in his vicinity falls in love with him.


Suzanne, his wife

Julie, their daughter


Amandine, his wife

Lanoix de Vaux

Marthe, maid

Composer: Apostolache Kiss Zénó
Costume designer: Szakács Ágnes
Coreographer: Liviu Matei
Set designer: Kövesdy István

Directed by: Kövesdy István