Péter Bornemisza

Date of the opening:

11 March 2007

In Vienna in the year 1558 Péter Bornemisza published his work entitled Tragedy in Hungarian based on Electra of Sophocles. Over the years its colloquial name became simply Hungarian Electra. Tragedy was a marvelous novelty in its time - thirty-forty years before Shakespeare. The value of the Hungarian Electra today is that it greets us from afar, from the lowest depths, from the amalgam of roots it brings the message of the ancient traditions all the while it’s meaning being just as relevant.

The novelty of this production is that it does not feature the classic form of casting. The same character is played by numerous actors, the same way as all of us are made from the same ingredients, yet all of us are different.


Prince Orestes

Electra, king Agamemnon

Chrysothemis, younger sister of Electra

Queen Clytemnestra

King Aegistus

Parasitus, the king’s slave

Dajka, maid of Orestes

King Agamemnon

Dramaturgy: Katona Imre
Bocskay Csilla
Scenography: Katona Imre

Directed by: Katona Imre