Samuel Beckett

Date of the opening:

19 June 2008


Studio performance in the main hall

The 3 dances to Beckett performance is an exercise to listen the author.

I tried to place in the same world the three works of Samuel Beckett: the Act Without Words I, the Act Without Words II and the Come and Go; and associate them with the signs and the common objects of this world.

The show is an orchestration of the worthless, it's a word of the continues cracking, a condescension split up, which became a natural attitude of the life.

The characters are urban clowns; an illustration of the human becomes objects, which are loosing their function, loosing themselves. 

In this cesspool appears the delusion of the Garden of Eden, the delusion of the exit, the escape. Where the hope rises, the plunge is more serious.

It's a ripping universe, and the second day it will reborn from the same, like a perpetuum mobile of our life, our existence.


Set and costume design, video projection: Csiki Csaba
Choreographer: Vava Ștefănescu

Directed by: Vava Ștefănescu