Matei Vișniec

Date of the opening:

20 November 2015

Running time:

2h 00′


Studio performance in the main hall

The play written by Matei Vișniec, contemporary Romanian playwright is a further development of Cekhov’s The Seagull, which posits valid questions concerning our present being beyond that of the love triangle of Nina, Treplev and Trigorin.

 “Decay holds within itself the possibility of a new birth? Is war necessary to recognize, love to experience and theatre to understand decay? Or do these questions themselves pass – just like life, a love or a theatrical moment? We are very often filled with fear. We often expect love to be, war not to be and theatre to be exciting, but from all this listing we always seem to forget the human element. Nyina is about fragile people, people who are not alive anymore, but still exist among us. This is what the drama and the play make possible: the experience together the momentary nature of the infinity of passing on. Can we (viewers and creators) of the theatre let go of it to meet? Are we capable of spontaneous creation in the being-thereness of the play? Can we be creator and work of creation at the same time? Can this fear pass, at least for a second?” – writes Sardar Tagirovsky, the director of the play making use of fragments from Cekhov, Shakespeare and Euripides.


Set designer: Bagosi Katalin
Costume designer: Török Réka

Directed by: Sardar Tagirovsky