Barabás Olga

Date of the opening:

12 April 2016

Running time:

1h 30′


Studio hall

Sometimes we are engulfed in situations that are beyond our power to control: our judgment is befuddled, we are not smart enough and mentally we are unable to accept what we will be a part of. Time goes on however and we are forced into decisions. Forced to choose from the possibilities presented to us because it will be a matter of life and death. There is no way to escape because it touches us directly at our deepest inner core: it takes us closer to our deepest feelings. 

We would like to make the best decision, one that benefits each and all, but a lot of questions surface: how far can a state be considered life that only medical science can keep working? Who has to make the decision once this state is reached? Why me? And if it has to be me, how will this affect me? What will happen to the everydays, the customs, what we believe in and what we don’t believe in? What will become of us? Do we change? Will anything chanfe? And if yes, how will everything be


Set and costume design: Barabás Olga
Composer: Fehér Csaba

Directed by: Barabás Olga