Peter Handke

Date of the opening:

21 May 2011


Main stage

Bozsik’s at once innocent and provocative theatrical point of view not only shines through in her dance pieces, as it was seen in her Playground, since assistant director Marcell Iványi shot a film to accompany her play that was awarded in Cannes. Instead of a coherent play we are faced by a series of disjointed vignettes: the authors window looks down upon the train station or the main square, so they set their table in front of the window and simply write what they see.

Actors present the myriad of characters in the speechless absurd play, the throngs of people seen on the streets day in, day out. Excerpts from the aforementioned film sometimes precede and sometimes succeed the actions on the stage, sometimes simultaneously play out with them that take place on the main square of Gyergyószentmiklós in the style of burlesque mute films. The production is an amalgam of lyrical, humorous and grotesque scenes basing the narrative on the actors’ presence on stage and the expressiveness of their movements all the while talking about the relation of human interconnectedness and loneliness.


Music: Cári Tibor, Philippe Heritier, Yonderboi
Light designer: Pető József
Coreography assistant: Vislóczki Szabolcs
Director`s assistant: Iványi Marcell
Choreographer: Bozsik Yvette

Directed by: Bozsik Yvette


  • Colloquium of Ethnic Minority Theatres, 9th edition:

     the special prize of the jury for renewing the company's tools in the show The Hour We Knew Nothing of Each Other

    (Gheorgheni, 2011)