Date of the opening:

30 April 2009

Running time:



Main stage

Playground is mainly inspired by a Kenneth MacMillan and Niszinszkij choreography. The plot takes place on a playground where adults play dressed in children’s clothing. It shortly becomes clear that it isn’t a playground, but a mental asylum.

The peculiarity of the play consists in the work method of Bozsik with the members of Figura Studio Theater: the structure of several scenes from the play are improvised based on a pre-determined theme: playground, beach, childhood and so on.


Composer: Philippe Heritier, Yonderboi
Coreography assistant: Vislóczki Szabolcs
Costume designer: Berzsenyi Krisztina
Choreographer: Bozsik Yvette

Directed by: Bozsik Yvette


[HU] Tóth Ágnes Veronika: Fehér köpeny vs. kényszerzubbony -, 2010.11.23.

[HU] Kutszegi Csaba: Lájkolom a Figurát -, 2010.


  • IFESZT - Interethnic Theatre Festival, 5th edition, Arad: November 10, 2010, "Ioan Slavici" Classic Theatre
  • Budapest (Merlin Theatre): November 15-16, 2010


  • IFESZT - Interethnic Theatre Festival, 5th edition:

    Special prize of Department of Interethnic Relations 

    (Arad, 2010)
  • International Theatre Festival Atelier: the special prize of the jury for the show Playground (Baia Mare, 2011)