Date of the opening:

15 April 2012


Main stage

Karel Čapek’s R.U.R. (Rossum’s Universal Robots) was premiered in 1921 in Prague and was consequently replayed in various European and American stages, in the Hungarian Vígszínház it was shown as early as 1924. Science fiction and cinema drew the word robot from this play that was used for the first time ever by Čapek to denote a humanoid intelligent machine. The story was redone numerous times throughout the years ever since. Rossum’s robots are artificial humans developed from biological matter in laboratory conditions with the goal of alleviating humanity of labor. Helena Glory, the daughter or R.U.R.’s CEO arrives on the island housing the facility to empower the robots to struggle for their rights. Her intended fast stay due to unforeseen circumstances lasts ten long years.


Director`s assistant: Budaházi Attila
Set and costume design: Adriana Grand

Directed by: Victor Ioan Frunză