Rita Sebestyén

Date of the opening:

12 January 2012


Main stage

There is a place named Kantarzsín. A small place, somewhat dusty. Maybe no one ever heard of it. None the less for a short while it will become the center of the world. A number of life changing events launch on that fateful evening, when according to tradition the locals and visitors meet on the town’s market square. One of them had identification papers that he used to be from here, but he lost it a long time ago, just like how they lost themselves. Another one harasses the passers by with his cheap drinks and is willing to do anything to get paid and grow his influence. None the less takes good care of his foggy headed wife. There’s another couple that always ransacks everyone, still doesn’t have anything, and a woman who is seemingly perfect and yet still looks for happiness in all the wrong places. They seem like the easy prey of wealthy traders and big city schmucks, but as the far-seer of Kantarzsín already knows, anyone’s life can turn upside down any moment. And the goods…maybe just a bunch of junk, but maybe invaluable relics of the past. It slowly turns out that in the image of various objects human fates are bought and sold. Maybe one can pass on them, maybe not. In music, in dance, in song, in peculiar sights, in colorful drinks these ever-entangling lives show their true colors that maybe already happened to all of us, be it in thought or deed.


Music: Cári Tibor
Set and costume design: Cristian Gătina
Choreographer: Baczó Tünde
Director`s assistant: Baczó Tünde

Directed by: Béres László