H. C. Andersen – Jevgenyij Svarc

Date of the opening:

18 October 2011


Main stage

Gerda and Kay are not siblings, but loved one another just as much as if they were. Their story is the story of the invincibility of fidelity and goodness. One day the evil and cold Snowqueen pays Kay a visit and takes him to her kingdom of eternal frost. Gerda cannot cope with this loss of her comrade and vows to rescue him even if it will be the last thing she does. She goes through a myriad of troubles and hurdles on her journey to find Kay, but according to the rulesets of fables, she comes across others willing to help her: a crow, a thief girl and a deer who all accompany her to the Snowqueen’s realm. In the end thanks to bravery and love she frees Kay and they evade the Snowqueen’s wrath who is in hot pursuit, but Gerda’s love and Kay’s ingenuity makes short work of the cold, unfeeling queen.


Choreographer: Kalmár Attila
Costume designer: Nagy Viktória
Set designer: Dézsi Szilárd

Directed by: Dézsi Szilárd