Date of the opening:

19 February 2012


Studio hall

One of the keywords of the play is “searching” and within this, everything is possible. We can a priori decide to be swayed by the buzzing of the golden-fly or the appeal of “be golden!” We can decide to be mere audience members or creators of the production, for we are presented with the possibility of molding it. We see the events in a life-like place, far removed from a traditional theatrical stage, that are sometimes absurd, sometimes heartwarming which in turn are united in powerful imagery and music. Just like the audience, the actors themselves are starting out tabula rasa and meet new challenges on a daily basis: decisions, writings, thoughts, directions, creations, dreams, built and destroyed structures. There are no traditional characters, each new event calls for a new character and a new being-in-there. They sought their essence with movements, words, tireless searching for the philosopher’s stone. Thus became gold reuniting, madness, celebration, memory, anxiety, luxury, divorce, harmony, struggle, trust – and who knows what else. Maybe through all this, it became a little more than salt. The salt of life, that is the essence of everything and that which always bears the name of that which is most essential to us.



Composer: Orbán Ferenc
Set designer: Bodóczki Antal
Costume designer: Lőrincz Kriszta
Director`s assistant: Gold Bea

Directed by: Goda Gábor



[HU] Jankó Szép Yvette: Ceci n'est past une mouche d'or- Kisvárdai Lapok, 2013.06.08.



  • Festival of Hungarian Theatres, Kisvárda, 25th edition, June 22-29, 2013