Székely Csaba

Date of the opening:

15 September 2015

Running time:

2h 20′


Studio performance in the main hall

“The play is the story of five women and five men. They are unsatisfied, disappointed, men hating and womanizers, emotionally jaded people. Selfishness, desire for possession, emotional addiction is how one can best characterize them and rheir relationships. But it all should be about love. The story of five men and five women is seen in situations where communication is derailed and suffering follows. Who know why? Maybe we do know. Maybe we even understand them a little bit since no matter how absurd their situations are, they are somewhat familiar. Five women and five men who choose something other than happiness. Let’s not pretend we’re better than them.” – writes Csaba Székely about his play commissioned by Figura. 

The director Botond Nagy, graduate of László Bocsárdi’s class at the University of Art Marosvásárhely. According to Nagy the play is a continuosly morphing structure of everday life situations, the banality of a life in which communication is only an accident and patience is only accidental. The play puts on display the fragile reality of people with an invulnerable imagination who on their mad pursuit to happiness forget about joy, love, and slowly themselves too. They are on a course, but they should be on another. Maybe on an interior one.


Costume designer: Kupás Anna
Set designer: Kupás Anna
Light design: Erőss László
Dramaturgy: Tamás István

Directed by: Botond Nagy


[HU] Péter Beáta: Történetek mögötti történetek - Helikon, 2015.11.10.