Date of the opening:

6 January 2024

Running time:

1h 20′


Studio hall

The performance is based on the following texts: 

Love Me Tinder by Kata Györfi, translated by Miklós Dalma-Bettina

Veszteg [Lockdown] by Garaczi László

Metadolce by Falussy Lilla

Egyedül [Alone] by Maya Angelou

Ne legyen semmi pátosz [Let There Be No Pathos] by Tóth Árpi

Man is essentially a social being, yet most of the time he is lonely. He is hungry for love, and often starving. Deny it or not, the increasingly online world of everyday communication and the glittering world of social media affects all our lives to a greater or lesser extent. And if we try our wings and claws at online dating sites when looking for a partner, the convenience of online platforms can quickly backfire. It is a different task to look each other in the eye, even if you feel braver, become who you want to be, look more confident, look cool and you ”sell yourself like hotcakes” in the online space. We may already believe that our online prettified selves are real, but we can't deal with our everyday lives. When the image built online fades into thin air, it turns out that there's nothing behind the beautifully constructed mask. We try with all our might to hide the fact that it's all just (self-)delusion, yet everything becomes more and more empty. In the end, everyone is lonely. And perhaps most of all, the person who sits in the front of a screen, between hashtags, filters, emojies, and thinks he owns the world. More than anything, we long for real, offline connection, yet we experience unprecedented depths of loneliness every day. It's a vicious circle, which perhaps a little humour can make us aware of, and although we can't completely break free from this world, we can still manage to focus on what's really important. 

HashtagMeTime, HashtagIFeelGood, HashtagPositiveVibes, HestegCarpeDiem… maybe we can live that all in the real world instead of the hashtag-universe, or at least to see how perverse the contradiction of our actions and desires is.


Composer: Ila Gábor
Film: Esti Norbert
Coreographer: Ruszuly Ervin

Directed by: Tóth Árpád