Heinrich von Kleist

Date of the opening:

5 March 2024

Running time:

1h 30′


Studio hall


A court hearing is in order in Huisum and it starts out a little more difficult than usual. Adam, the local judge is covered in cuts and bruises. According to him, he tripped and fell, resulting in severe injuries. And to add insult to injury, the inspector, Walter is in town to supervise the court.

The judge starts conducting a hearing that seems tedious at first under the inspector’s watchful eye. The matter at hand is a broken jug, and they can’t find the culprit. As the hearing progresses, the story unfolds and we discover that the matter of the jug hides a much bigger issue at hand. Judge Adam can only count on Licht, the clerk to close this case and to conduct the inspection as smoothly as possible.

Heinrich von Kleist writes a thrilling case in an honest manner, with humor and talks about the nature of corruption in a very prevalent way with a type of modernity that proceeded its time. 


Adam, the judge

Walter, government inspector

Licht, the judge's secretary

Mrs Martha

Eve, Mrs Martha's daughter

Mrs Brigitta

Set designer: Golicza Előd
Costume designer: Bajkó Blanka Alíz

Directed by: Botos Bálint