Egressy Zoltán

Date of the opening:

14 September 2022

Running time:

1h 50′

There are places when time stands still. There are people in these places, people just like you or me. Time stands in them. Of course, they have dreams and desires, but somehow there is a stuckness in the soul. Lives that have slipped, derailed, at the bottom of a pit. Without a handhold. But deep down, in some hidden alleyway of the soul, there still flickers a faint spark. It is a spark of vitality, a spark of solutions, a spark of dreams, a spark of languor, of departure.

Time also stands still in Irgács. The local pub is the only community space, the place of meetings. The inhabitants of this pub, members of this stuck community, are all waiting for something, longing for more, but action is always delayed. The ex-policeman, the drunken wife, the local businessman who will do anything for a little money, the faithless priest, the young girl who has lost hope of love, the mother who runs the pub, the divorced woman whose child is beaten by her ex-husband. People who have sunk into themselves. Buried in the murky darkness of alcohol. Who would only bring change through words, who are trapped in powerlessness... Then walks through the door a ray of hope, a beacon, an opportunity, a chance, an awakening, a way out, a spark of renewal... But is any of it true? Does hope still exist? Does faith return to the soul? Will the rusty cogs of time finally start to click? Is there a way out of here? Will we ever reach the place where the sun always shines? Can we see the ocean merged with the sky? Will we ever get to Portugal? Or will vain dreams push us back into the dark trap of ourselves?

The performance takes place in this frozen timeline pub. We, the spectators, are not spectators but participants, because sometimes we ourselves live in this frozen time, in this alcoholic world, in the trap of our own powerlessness...

The work of Egressy Zoltán is presented with the permission of Proscenium Copyright Agency.


Dramaturgy: Máthé Barbara
Composer: Ila Gábor
Costume designer: Pál Alexandra

Directed by: Tóth Árpád