Solo performance by Szilágyi Míra

Date of the opening:

31 March 2023

Running time:

1h 00′


Studio hall

What happens when you slalom through life like a beginner driver speeding down a serpentine road, and it's just a matter of luck that you don't drift off at any moment around the next dangerous bend?

In these twists and turns, we follow a series of ordinary life situations that lead a teenage girl almost unnoticed into prostitution, a whirlwind of identity-seeking and lack of love, a constant battle for attention between body and personality.

Traversing the diversity and end points of female quality, how does the female body become a currency of exchange through the commodification of intimacy, on which an ever-widening range of services are based now? What situations might a young girl find herself in, and what models can she draw on from the surrounding culture or her own family as a support?

Míra Szilágyi's solo performance follows the fictional life story of a prostitute, inspired by real stories, without documentary exploration, from almost poetic self-reflection through the labyrinths of sexuality to the most mundane realities of a prostitute's everyday life.


Dramaturgy: Keresztes Franciska
Choreographer: Bezsán Noémi
Composer: Ferenczi Zoltán
Costume designer: Huszár Kató

Directed by: Faragó Zénó