Based on The Formula by Barabási Albert-László

Date of the opening:

19 February 2022

Running time:

1h 20′


Studio hall

Albert-László Barabási, Transylvanian-born, world-renowned network researcher's book, The Formula  - published in 2018 - explores the nature of success and its laws.

But can success be predicted? Or are initiatives doomed to failure?

Is it possible in a small town in Szeklerland to achieve a performance that can be evaluated beyond the borders of this municipality? Is there hope?

Can Barabási's laws be translated into the theatre? Does the success of a performance really depend on its audience? According to the formula, since performance in the theatre cannot be measured, the fate of the performers really depends on the audience.

In this science-themed cabaret production, the actors - playing the evening's Conferancier; K. Gedeon, his wife B. Regina; and the occasional Success; and inevitably themselves - search for the laws of success in their own environment, family and workplace. And, of course, in the theatre. In the moment.

Because let us not forget for a moment: we are in the theatre. Today's theatre.

So the performance is not only a reflection on local possibilities, but also on the diversity of theatrical performance and on actor's identity. And, strange as it may seem, it seeks to apply the most recent view of quantum physics, that a system always reveals itself at the moment of its recognition. And when it does, it not only reveals itself, but also gives the viewpoint of the observer.

It's like when we wake up and realise: this is now reality.

Is it?



B. Regina (from 2024)

B. Regina (until 2023)

Set and costume design: Hatházi Rebeka
Dramaturgy: Deák Katalin

Directed by: Hatházi András