Mika Myllyaho

Date of the opening:

22 December 2021

Running time:

1h 40′


Studio performance in the main hall

If someone would ask you today how are you, would you tell him the truth? Maybe not? Before you answer, you would probably first assess your relationship with the questioner. If you answer honestly at all.

But what happens when you can no longer hide the growing anger and despair in the depths of your soul, and all hell slowly breaks loose, and you are no longer in control of yourself or your feelings, and your cherished comfort-box suddenly bursts like a balloon blown out of gum. So what?

Then there's a CHAOS.

In our chaos, you see three women driven to the brink of a nervous breakdown by social pressure and the constant drive. But the realisation is liberating: there is no further to go, and then we can only go up!

We recommend this play for those who start the morning on edge without their daily-dose of coffee.

Our show is about women, made by women - for everyone!

The authors


Mika Myllyaho is a contemporary Finnish playwright, actor and director of the Finnish National Theatre since 2010. His second play, Chaos, published in 2008, follows the lives of three women in their thirties. The story of Eni, Juli and Andi is a dark comedy of women trapped by society's expectations, in which the seemingly ordinary lives of seemingly ordinary women suddenly turn into a series of hair-raising extremes. When the world's troubles become too much for them, they sit down over a cup of coffee and try to discover the causes and consequences of their crises. As the three Graces try to get out of their comfort zones, their relaxed afternoons at the café turn into fights, grave-digging and even police raids.


Chaos descends into real chaos, successfully blurring the lines between pity and humour, compassion and contempt, tragedy and light-hearted laughter.


Dramaturgy: B. Markó Orsolya
Set designer: Huszár Kató
Costume designer: Sikó Doró
Composer: Kolozsi Borsos Gábor, Sosovicza Anna

Directed by: Deli Szófia




● 10th Theatre Olympics, Gózon Gyula Theatre (Budapest, Hungary): 17 June 2023

● Synergy Festival (Novi Sad, Serbia): 17 December 2022

● Gyulai Várszínház (Gyula, Hungary): 1 August 2022

● Kisvárda Festival of Hungarian Theatres, 34th edition (House of Arts, Kisvárda, Hungary): 30 June 2022