Written by Kelemen Roland based on the improvisations of the actors and the idea of Raymond Queneau

Date of the opening:

3 December 2021

Running time:

1h 15′


Studio hall

A person do nothing else throughout his life but wait and hope that the planned things will happen. If he didn’t wait, he would find his life meaningless.

The three characters of the performance are waiting for a bus, which does not want to arrive. As time goes on, they become more and more unsure whether they are waiting at the right place in the right time, and slowly they do not even remember since when and for which bus they are waiting. To find some meaning for this meaningless waiting, they try to tell each other an ordinary story, what all of they have seen – theoretically.

The confusion of memories does not allow to draw an accurate picture, so they remember the same story over and over, while arguing, dancing, making music, reciting poems or they are bored.

The bus does not want to arrive, not at all.


Set designer: Huszár Kató
Costume designer: Sikó Doró
Dramaturgy: Kelemen Roland

Directed by: Csuja László