Pierre de Marivaux

Date of the opening:

29 September 2021

Running time:

1h 30′


Studio performance in the main hall

Marivaux’s comedy the Double Inconstancy is titled Lovers in the transcript and direction of Visky Andrej, the inconstancy of the rural couple - who have undergone a turnaround - can be caused by their weakness of character as well as the harmful effects of their manipulative environment. Arlequin and Silvia represent the earth-bound, but self-identical and happy love, the person in harmony with himself. However, the Prince will fall in love with Silvia, and he wants to get her at any cost, so he will separate them.

The Lovers is a contemporary parable, which is about the passing, relativization and dissolution of pure ideals. The spectators can follow the story about the transformation of Arlequin and Silvia, the way they lose and compromise their pure self. The space is the amphitheater of the social performance, where everybody has to be successful (just like on stage), has to sell himself.

It all happens in a visual and music inspired by the colorful glitter and exaggeration of the baroque, which evoke and deconstructs the behavior of the 18th century French court, and shows the distorted shape of a comic, but actually a deeply suffering and emptied world, which shows at many points a spooky resemblance with our present.


Set and costume design: Hatházi Rebeka
Composer: Visky Péter
Coreographer: Dávid A. Péter

Directed by: Visky Andrej