Date of the opening:

3 October 2012


Studio hall

The hustle and bustle of the world is entrapped by walls. Meanwhile people whisper, murmur, babble, shout, shuffle, speak. Sometimes speak. They murder and embrace. Give birth and are born themselves. They bound together and jape. They also die, and in these moments, they are truly alone. Then they become memories. They await the final moment and they are afraid of it, or they embrace it. Do you believe there is a tree under which it is worth waiting? Of what the play speaks does not exist yet or anymore. It will never exist, or, if it existed, then exists, will exist, never existed, does not exist here, will not exist here, but somewhere else. It will happen where miracles can happen and hope grows on trees.


Set and costume design: Ondraschek Péter
Director`s assistant: Bicskei Zsuzsa

Directed by: Bicskei István