William Shakespeare

Date of the opening:

25 January 2014


Studio performance in the main hall

Love is a magnanimous and eternal theme, all cultures of all eras found unbound artistic ways to present it. It is a challenge to speak of it without clichés. Shakespeare’s classic was written for the wedding of a since unknown princely couple: each and every word in it searches, creates or ceases love. Within an imagined forest beyond the walls of an imagined Athens the desire for emotions creates new laws. The plays retranslated and reworked by Zsolt Benedek searches for the mystery of Shakespeare’s play: that language that is the language of lovers, each one his own language, workers and a forest nymphs and into which can again and again connect the sound that live and electronic sounds create.


Set designer: Golicza Előd
Costume designer: Kupás Anna
Music: Csibi Szabolcs, Kelemen István, Marian Cîtu

Directed by: Balogh Attila