Nikolay Kolyada

Date of the opening:

19 April 2013


Studio performance in the main hall

Imagine a small town where everyone works at the local combine and lives their uneventful lives constrained by five-year plans. Imagine a town where dusty, grey apartment buildings braid highways named after soviet heroes, a world locked into a magical glass ball the local combine’s smoke and the chicken farm’s thick smell of waste. Or is it necessary to imagine? Do we all not come from a world like this? Nikolay Kolyada is one of the most prominent contemporary playwrights. His plays display a dry witted cruelty that take apart man with an unhinged honesty who was made by socialism in its own image. His plays are about adolescents and their longing, about how can one live in a world burnt out by the memories of an era long gone. The production was directed by Árpád Barabás, born in Gyergyószentmiklós in 1978 and a member of the Figura Studio Theater for ten years. During this period, he played in many productions staged by the theater as well as directed a number of productions. Presently he is the actor of the Tomcsa Sándor Theater of Székelyudvarhely.



Set designer: Szűcs-Olcsváry Gellért
Costume designer: Barabás Árpád

Directed by: Barabás Árpád



[HU] László Beáta Lídia:Valahol egy gyertya -Kisvárdai Lapok, 2014.06.26.



  • Festival of Hungarian Theatres, Kisvárda, 26th edition, June 22-29, 2014