Gianina Cărbunariu

Date of the opening:

3 September 2020

Running time:

1h 00′

The story unfolds from the accidental meeting of three twenty-year-old who burned out under the pressure and expectations of trends.

They are fighting against the consumer society that eventuates alienation and indifference to each other and also against the continuous and forced spinning, when the fuse is knocked out – in all sense of the word – in the greatest rumble. Their finding together, the bond that is intertwined between them, their common goal is far more than their human relationships experienced so far. But are their actions enough to satisfy the society that dominates their life conditions? How much worth an individual sense of freedom?


Composer: Ferenczi Zoltán
Visual effects: Ferenczi Zoltán

Directed by: Faragó Zénó