Tamás Boglár–Tamás Gyopár

Date of the opening:

18 September 2019

Running time:



Studio hall

If life is bread, the performance is what appears from the broken bread. One of the fracture surfaces with crumbs, bottoms, and the other part from this side. In my environment, there are more and more broken lives, broken families, single parenting, in fashionable words free moms, or even dads. But what if a mother wants to take on the role of the father, but loses success. When she wants to be the best parent, she always feels like she has a lot of pedagogical pitfalls. There are too many questions as to why this is happening to her, and then there are childish questions to which an adult is incapable of answering, and there are more and more tasks to be solved. She lives the life of her child, and the many tasks force her to pull the yoke as a man. And when needed, the small cart too. To replace the gas bottle. Then, when she goes beyond love disappointment, and imagine a relationship since she is a social being, or just to have someone who takes off a little burden from her shoulders, to divide the many unsolved problems, she is coming up against walls, she attracts candidates who kicks in her. The floor leads upwards, she is clinging to her faith, to her God, but the answer does not come in the current accelerated rhythm. She's looking for another way. But nothing can replace the family. A family in which the roles of men and women were not interchanged, but this is a disappeared society… As much as her environment sees her free, she is hitting with her own limits. Loneliness hardens so much that she already has the characteristics of the stronger gender. A woman who did not live up to desires, with unrealized dreams  and with a question: whether I had been on the wrong road all the time. But, of course, anyway, you have to enter the same gate when counting.


Dramaturgy: Borsos Virág-Zsuzsánna
Composer: Ferenczi Zoltán
Visual effects: Ferenczi Zoltán

Directed by: -




● 12. dráMA (Tomcsa Sándor Theatre, Odorheiu Secuiesc): 20. September 2021.