Márkó Eszter

Date of the opening:

25 September 2013


Main stage

The fable play puts on stage various folk tales from Olga Nagy folklorist's collection entitled Fütykös és a sárkány. The play based on various traditional Hungarian folk tales evokes the atmosphere of traditional Hungarian folk instruments, marketplace comedies in a humorous, lighthearted, but entirely accurate playstyle made all the more intriguing by the fast and spectacular changes in scenery. Whistler, the poor peasant although is lazy to do manual labor, his mind and heart are in the right place. He embarks on a global journey to seek out his fortune. He reaches Búvalbélelt country’s many sad-solemn villages to rework the maddened locals’ minds, then wanders into the court of the princess of Bergengócia: here is where his ultimate test awaits. He does not have to tame a dragon, but a princess. Beyond struggling with human stupidity, he has to battle the two headed Ördög-Bördög as well… On his way to his fortune he is helped by his clear, down to earth mind, his sense of justice, bravery and faith and his hope that he can change this world turned on its head.


Musicians: Csibi Szabolcs, Kelemen István
Set and costume design: Vetró Barnabás
Prop maker: Zayzon Ádám

Directed by: Márkó Eszter