Date of the opening:

5 October 2014


Studio performance in the main hall

Is there such a thing as ubu-ness? If so, what is its nature? What could Alfred Jarry’s Ubu, thought up as a school prank, mean for today’s viewer? Ubu was molded into one archetypal figure by Jarry from the obtuseness, cowardice, denseness and greed of the late XIXth century’s philistine. The social context that inspired Ubu nevertheless let loose a whole myriad of first, second and third rate tyrants and power-mad buffoons on history. Figura’s play used various parts of the Ubu plays and unfinished fragments to create its own Ubu world. This is how the enraged and exploited masses of people or even Prince Boggerlas who vows to avenge his father’s death become just as prominent actors in the play as Jarry’s immortal character.


Captain Bordure

King Wneceslas / Jack

Queen Rosemond

Prince Boggerlas

Lord Canbivalbass

Russian hero

As well as students of the Hungarian Theatrical Institutes Theatre and Television Department, UBB

Dramaturgy: Prezsmer Boglárka
Costume designer: Bocskai Gyopár
Music: G SZ G, Kovács Áron
Choreographer: Sándor Csaba
Director`s assistant: Miholcsa Zsombor

Directed by: Márkó Eszter