Date of the opening:

16 February 2019

Running time:

1h 20′


Studio performance in the main hall

What remains of the theatre if the well-known, usual norms are separated from it? If the stage and the auditorium get mixed up, the author disappears, instead of the public the actor starts to communicate with the present individuals about the theatrical systems and the manipulation?

It is believed that at the moment of death we lose 21 grams of our weight, according to some assumptions these grams are the weight of our soul. How do you sum up the 21 grams of the classical dramas in few minute scenes?

The Smoke, or occupation of the theatre asks these and similar questions. Instead of enjoying, it offers common thinking and common presence equally for the viewers and the players.

The play was realised with the support of the BGA and NKA. The play is the coproduction between the Figura Studio Theatre and the Artus Contemporary Art Studio from Budapest.


Conception: Goda Gábor
Dramaturgy: Kali Ágnes
Fine artist: Gábor Botond
Scenery: Sebestény Ferenc
Light designer: Kocsis Gábor
Music editor: Kolozsi Borsos Gábor

Directed by: Hudi László