Mike Leigh

Date of the opening:

11 January 2019

Running time:

1h 10′


Studio hall

I felt myself like at a Rolling Stones concert – said Mike Leigh after the premier of the Abigail’s Party in 1977. The BBC recorded the show in that year, then two years later broadcast with a sixteen million views. The spectators were mad about it: a beer was named after the Abigail’s Party, and they hold gatherings until now.

The play’s cast live in the same street, this is why they would like to know better each other. Abigail, the daughter of one of them organizes a party in the neighborhood, meanwhile the adults want to feel good as well: they would like to relax, to have fun. They try to do that, but something always ruins the mood.


Dramaturgy: Deák Katalin
Set designer: Szűcs-Olcsváry Gellért
Costume designer: Török Réka

Directed by: Barabás Árpád