Martin McDonagh

Date of the opening:

19 December 2018

Running time:

2h 00′


Main stage

The Lieutenant of Inishmore is a black-humor, in which everything develops extremist. For this reason, it is possible that the grotesque world dominated by pointless gun use and insensitivity will be the subject of laughter. But what does human stupidity do in a such dangerous situation when it turns out that the cat of the fearless and notorious separatist may not be alive anymore.

From this moment the bloody fights and the great loves take the lead: suddenly Padraic and Mairead are terrifying the whole neighborhood. But only for a short time. Because in the show everything changes so fast and nothing happens naturally. Except one thing: that the cats sometimes straggle then come home.

One of the specialties of the play is the cooperation with the No Sugar band. 


Costume designer: Márton Erika
Fine artist: Ferenczi Zoltán
Choreographer: Dávid A. Péter
Director`s assistant: Ferencz Roland

Directed by: Albu István