Moșu Norbert-László – Biró Réka

Date of the opening:

1 June 2017

Running time:

1h 00′


Main stage

We have to be careful what we wish for. What would you wish for from the fruit of a magical tree? What would two little children wish for? Peti and Panni meet Virgonc and Huncut during a wholly everyday family trip, who can only be seen by the children. Things start to take a weird turn when the fruit of a magical tree starts granting the wishes of the children. This sets off a series of adventures during which the children quickly realize that they were mistaken when they thought they will easily manage without their parents. It quickly turns out that it is not that fancy when no adults are around to say “you can’t do that” as does the fact that it’s not so jolly eating sweets all the time. The tree of life mesmerizes Peti and Panni in a way that their story becomes a fable about family life and the danger of endless desire, but also shows what would happen without rules or how debilitating can overzealous concern of smothering love be. The solution – that it is not good to live in an upside down world – is made clear to the children and the two snipper-snappers help them in a rather curious way to find their parents.


Costume designer: Török Réka
Set designer: Szász Zsolt
Scenery consultant: Ferenczi Zoltán

Directed by: Csiki Zsolt