Jevgenyij Griskovec

Date of the opening:

7 February 2010


Studio hall

In the studio-play entitled Winter three actors take part. Gábor Kolozsi Borsos, Csongor Kőmíves and Gyöngyvér Vajda take on a wonderful chance to grow and develop as actors. Winter demands a very complex, deep actorial presence on the stage: they have to take heed of many details, they have to be sensitive to each other’s waves. This also is the beauty of the peace: two young men turn to one another and the audience. We could even see ourselves in them, but we seldom look at the world with curiosity. We are seldom put in a situation in which we have to count on one another, where we have to give camaraderie and a deep devotion towards some goal can be experienced in the extreme. Winter is a member of the artistic trend known as new honesty or new naivety. Its characters dig in the pre-regime change times, through them we can see the small nonsensical traits of our own lives, we can learn of ourselves.


Dramaturgical collaborator: Zsigmond Andrea
Music consultant: Szűcs Amália

Directed by: Béres László


[HU] Kutszegi Csaba:Lájkolom a Figurát-, 2010. 



  • Budapest (Merlin Theatre): November 15-16, 2010