William Shakespeare

Date of the opening:

20 December 2009


Main stage

All’s Well That Ends Well is a comedy of a forced engagement that replays in a contorted manner the psychodrama of the longing woman and the desperate man. The story is far from unknown, since this theme of “peculiar marriages” are found as far back as the most ancient myths, in which the nasty old hag woos the young man with magic, and when the settles into his position, his betrothed turns into a magnificently beautiful fairy queen.


King of France

Voice of the prince of Firenze

Bertram, count of Rousillon

Lafeu, old landlord

Parolles, Bertram’s escort

Countess Roussilon, mother of Bertram

Helena, the countess’ adopted daughter

Lavache, the countess’ jester

A widow from Firenze

Diana, her daughter

Marianna, the widow’s neighbor

Second lord

First soldier

Second soldier

Composer: Apostolache Kiss Zénó
Costume designer: Szabó Annamária

Directed by: Kövesdy István