Theresia Walser

Date of the opening:

21 October 2016

Running time:

1h 30′


Studio hall

The drama is part of the German 20th century wave of theatrical facing with the past and can also be interpreted as a contemporary critique of the post-second world war German recommencement infused with grotesque humor which was adapted to the stage actors to their own Central Eastern European context. Viewers are treated to three stories and three family histories. 

Through the production the creators are searching for the answers to such questions as is any kind of beginning anew possible without first dealing with the past or do our past mistakes eventually always take over our present lives? The actors all portray characters who struggle with some sort of personal of collective history all the while maintaining the false premise that our repression filled lives are sustainable.


Boy A, Brim, Frau Alberti, Fred

Boy C, Übür, Kirk, The Greek

Rita, Helga, Marie

Hans Rudi, BRAX, Friedel

Luzi, Irene, Natalie

Set and costume design: Bajkó Blanka Alíz
Dramaturgy: Lovassy Cseh Tamás
Composer: Bocsárdi Magor

Directed by: Botos Bálint