Alfred Jarry

Date of the opening:

14 March 1991

This is the restaging of the original production with new cast and new concept. The heightened movement, pantomime, grotesque mimicry, shrill diction will not let the viewers’ attention to wane.


Father Ubu

Cpt. Poszomány, bear, phynancial horse, IV. nobleman

King Vencel, tsar Elek, I. nobleman, financial advisor

Queen Rosamunde, deputy, the people

Prince Bugrisláv, executioner

Prince Boleszláv, clerk, the people

Prince Ladiszláv, clerk, the people

Lecsinszky Szaniszló, Paizs, II. nobleman, finance advisor

Federovics Mihály, Pillér, III. nobleman, finance advisor, the people

Zsinór, executioner, the people

Messenger, notary

Set designer: Nagy Géza
Costume designer: Barabás Zsolt, Nagy Géza
Musical direction: Bocsárdi László, Katyi Antal

Directed by: Bocsárdi László