Castellano de Castellani

Date of the opening:

17 January 1993

Theatre in the church? Comedians in the house of God? Do not be surprised as our ancestors weren’t surprised 7-800 years ago either, on the contrary: they were looking forward for these plays. For there was a period in the history of Christian Europe, and not a short period either, but a period longer than half a millennia, when this and only this constituted theatre and no other theatrical form existed.


We are renewing an ancient form of theatre because we feel it to be a clear spring and we hope everyone will like our production.


Let’s close our eyes for a moment and try to embrace a miracle: a return to the centuries long gone by… Right now peace reigns all around, the plague avoided the town as well, news reach us that the sultan is gathering his forces, but the harvest is plentiful, grapevines are hanging low, all things are good now, so it is time to play, a Play About the Prodigal Son.

Györffy Kálmán


Music: Elekes Emőke , Juvenalis Régizene Együttes
Set designer: Miholcsa József

Directed by: Bocsárdi László