touring campaign in the surrounding villages, in March it inaugurated its own new studio hall built and fitted out in its temporary headquarters in the administrative building of the former foundry. In the second half of the year, with the longest edition in its history, the Colloquium of National Minority Theatres returned after four years. This time, the 14th edition was organised at county level, with the theatres of Miercurea Ciuc and Odorheiu Secuiesc joining the host, Gheorgheni.

The year 2024 promises to be no less eventful. At the start-of-year press conference, director Albu  István spoke about plans for 2024.

January started with a special premiere of the show Love Me, performed by the youngest members of the company, Barti Lehel-András and Pascu Tamara, directed by Tóth Árpád. The show was taken over from the municipal theatre in Târgu Secuiesc after its closure. Now part of Figura's repertoire, Love Me is to be presented regularly as part of the Gheorgheni theatre's programme.

The first month of the year will see the revival of the Reunification of the Two Koreas on 12, 13 January; the "scientific and educational cabaret show", Grandeur and Decline of K. Gedeon, based on Albert Albert Barabási's best-selling book, presented with a new cast on 26 January; and the pub theatre show, The Portuguese on 23 January.

For those who missed the last premiere in December, the story of the Molerian misanthrope directed by Andrej Visky, you can catch up on 20 January.

The children's and youth theatre programme will also continue with performances of Mosaic - an educational theatre concieved for high school students - and the magnificent story of The Little Prince - a show for children aged 5-12.


Following the last edition of the "multilocal" Colloquium, the cooperation between the theatres of Harghita county will continue to develop: at the invitation of Csíki Játékszín Theatre, Figura will hold a mini-tour in Miercurea Ciuc in February with the performances of Füst Milán's The Unfortunates, Egressy Zoltán's The Portuguese, and Grandeur and Decline of K. Gedeon - based on the book by the renowned scientist Barabási Albert László.

9 January 2024