The last days before Christmas have some surprises in store for the public of Gheorgheni: on December 22 the last premiere of the year will take place at the Figura Stúdió Színház Theatre. The company presents a contemporary remix of the great French playwright Molière's comedy The Misanthrope, adapted by director Andrej Visky and playwright Bence Visky from Martin Crimp's idea.

Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, the French Baroque writer and playwright known as Molière, is considered the creator of modern comedy, but his works do not lure with serene, tear-jerking fun, but rather are characterised by a critique of his contemporary society that - miraculously - has remained valid to our days.

The Misanthrope should be rewritten every century. - says the philosopher Denis Diderot a hundred years after the play's first premiere. In 2009, playwright Martin Crimp - known for his contemporary remakes of classic dramatic works - also rewrote the story of Moliere's misanthrope, transposing it into the context of show business. Our protagonist is a successful and brutally outspoken playwright-screenwriter in the hypocritical splendour of show business, in love with a woman who embodies everything he despises in his heart. But the big question remains: what will the man who refuses to adapt even a little to the prevailing mores end up with, especially if he is also blinded by jealousy?

The premiere will take place on Friday at 19.00 in the Foundry Studio of the Figura Studio Theatre (Bulevardul Fratiei 23), adapted by director Andrej Visky and stage dramaturg Bence Visky.

In the week between Christmas and New Year's Eve The Misanthrope returns on 27 December, and the year 2023 will end at the Figura on 29 December with the last performance of another production by director Andrej Visky: The Lovers, premiered in the 2021/2022 season.

Tickets can be purchased online at or at the venue 30 minutes before performances.

Bookings and information: 0752 227 011

11 December 2023