If it's an odd year, it's the year of the Colloquium! After a break of four years and an edition postponed due to the pandemic, in October 2023, the Colloquium of National Minority Theatres returns with its 14th edition on the stage of theatre festivals and cultural life of the Gheorgheni region.

The current edition will take place from 18-31 October, so the 14 days will be the longest edition in its history. The festival is traditionally attended by theatres belonging to minority communities in Romania, but this year the repertoire of the festival is also open to other European minorities. The selection of the performances in the festival programme was based on invitation, i.e. on the proposals of the theatres concerned on the theme "EXTREMITIES". The programme includes 20 representative theatrical performances of minority expression troupes.

Due to the thermal rehabilitation of the House of Culture in Gheorgheni, the headquarters of the Figura Stúdió Színház Theatre and the only performance hall equipped with the appropriate stage technique for an event of this scale, the festival will take place in several alternative locations in its epicentre, Gheorgheni, respectively in other venues near the town.

The programme of performances is complemented daily with other events related to the life and art of theatre, such as book launches, recitals and exhibitions, concerts, debates after performances, moderated by theatre professionals, to which the public is also expected.

The organizers, Figura Association in partnership with Figura Theatre Stúdió Színház invite you to participate in an original cultural event of Gheorgheni in the second part of October!

All the performances will be surtitled in Romanian.

The project is funded by: the #NextGenerationEU Programme of the European Union in the framework of the NRRP - National Recovery and Resilience Plan, the Romanian Ministry of Culture, the National Cultural Fund, the Municipality of Gheorgheni, the UDMR and Communitas Foundation, the Harghita County Council and the Bethlen Gábor Fund.

31 August 2023