Kolozsi Borsos Gábor tries himself in an individual performance, which beside the cultural entertainment offers culinary delights too. The premiere of the musical gastro coup directed by Márkó Eszter will take place on the 10th of October at 7 pm. in the Szilágyi Restaurant.

The performance is not just a one-man show, is a wine-tasting and a dinner too. The bites come out from the kitchen of Zsigmond András, kicsiZsiga, a chef known in Gheorgheni, the wines can be tasted from the cellar of Sike Tamás. Beside the delicious wine and food Korpos Szabolcs, music teacher will play the piano.

The Figura Studio Theatre always supported the individual performances of the actors, two years ago Tamás Boglár presented the play named Sure. The members of the company are not always on the stage, sometimes they are trying themselves in other areas, in this case Sosovicza Anna debuts as a set and costume designer.

Tickets are available in the tickets’ office of the Figura Studio Theatre or online at the website figura.biletmaster.ro. Further informations at 0752-227.011 or at the e-mail address org@figura.ro.

23 September 2021