On the occasion of Children’s Day the company of Figura plays it newest show, the Every Mouse Loves Cheese. The tale of Urbán Gyula will be performed twice on the 1st of June, the first one from 11 a.m. will replace the missed season ticket from the season 2019-2020, the second one from 5 p.m. it is a free performance where both young and old are welcomed.

The forenoon show it is free for those children who had season ticket in the last season, but they should have register for the show on the 0752-227-011 phone number or at the org@figura.ro e-mail address. The tickets’ prices for the afternoon show are the following: for preschoolers and students are 5 ron, for adults 20 ron, for pensioners are 15 ron.

Further information: 0752-227-011.

Online purchase: https://figura.biletmaster.ro/hun/Event/69000392/Minden-eger-szereti-a-sajtot.

27 May 2021